340B Program Monitor - Crowe Horwath

Cutting-edge application provides major efficiency gains for our client and the hospitals they work with. With 340B Program Monitor, hospitals gain a new way to dig deep into the details of how their drug discount program is running, and have continuous monitoring going forward.

Crowe can conduct audits faster, more extensively, and with less expensive resources. This tool has long-lasting value and will ultimately allow Crowe to teach hospitals to conduct their own internal audit.

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Global Publishing Platform - Novus International

Sophisticated content management system supports global marketing to collaborate with regional marketing teams across the world. Customer-facing site is optimized for lead generation, and allows marketing teams to manage region-specific content with a high-quality, consistent experience across the Novus brand. Intuitive design nearly eliminates training time for administrators, and extensive mobile optimization increased mobile/tablet traffic by 162%.
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Audivate - CHAN Healthcare

Outdated internal auditing application becomes key operational software with improved usability, design, and performance. The business value of the project was recognized in a big way—usage of the Resource Library grew 20-30%. Metadata mining began to be used to report trends to clients that effectively saved them hundreds of hours of on-site auditing time.

CHAN's fundamental business processes now seamlessly integrate into their day-to-day application. This application not only provides great value to CHAN Healthcare, but allows them to increase the value of their service to client.

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Charge Calculator - Nortek Global HVAC

Innovative mobile application empowers Nortek Global HVAC contractors to service machines more efficiently and independently.

This application includes timekeeping features, responsive mobile and tablet applications, and above all, an intuitive workflow that improves precision, alleviates product waste, and assists the contractors in servicing high-tech HVAC systems.

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Edgetek HVAC - Nortek Global HVAC

New digital platform provides world class-training and certifications for HVAC contractors. With EdgeTek, Nortek Global HVAC accomplishes all training objectives under one reputable brand, so training easy to navigate for contractors, and easy to manage operationally.

We delivered a strong content management system on an engaging platform with interactive material, giving Nortek Global HVAC a concise and powerful marketing narrative.

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KernelQuest - NCGA

Enliven teamed up with the agricultural advertising agency AdFarm to work on one of their corniest projects yet. The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and AdFarm published the 2014 World of Corn Comic book Captain Cornelius: Corn Day Celebration, a marketing campaign for children which celebrates corn and educates youngsters on corn’s important role in our everyday communities.

As an extension of this campaign, Enliven created a simple, side scrolling style game featuring Captain Cornelius flying through the corn fields of Missouri.

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Missouri Institute of Mental Health - UMSL

Dynamic and intuitive website provides educational service with consolidated and organized web presence. Enliven’s solution not only caters to mental health professionals and researchers by making the content and services easily accessible, but is also tailored to the MIMH team itself for authoring that content.

This custom CMS is designed to last and to be easily maintainable by any member of staff. The design and the CMS have come together in a site that allows for deeper engagement from both the end user as well as the client.

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Customer-focused application allows people to map areas by more than location. Mapstreet allows users to rate an exact location on a scale from 1 to 5 at any time, then drops a pin on the map that enables users to view, edit, or delete all of their favorite spots.

The application is currently being designed to interface with Zillow, but has plans to connect up with Truilla, Century21, Realtor.com, Yelp, and Google Maps.

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