Operations Platform for Complex Electrical Installations

PayneCrest Electric regularly tackles sophisticated and complex electrical installation projects. When it came time to replace the legacy software that powered their largest projects, they engaged Enliven to build a new software platform which elevated their process to the next level and created a solid foundation for long-term growth.

The resulting application, Empower, represents the best of PayneCrest's time-tested expertise in electrical installations and Enliven's ability to create deeply meaningful and useful software.

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Operations Platform for Ongoing Regulatory Compliance

Vast domain knowledge, manual processes and copy/paste data analytics scripts were elevated into a collaborative data analytics platform for regulatory compliance monitoring. A collection of useful but fragile DIY tools and processes with a high barrier to entry became a sturdy system and definitive source of truth for expert operations.
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Proprietary calculator helps service techs wrangle high-tech complexity

Custom web application allows HVAC contractors to safely and efficiently service increasingly complex equipment. Through thoughtful framing and build engagements industry-leading expertise was unlocked and operationalized for the long term.
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