We are ready to design and launch a new software platform that will get you past today’s bottlenecks and serve you well through coming years of growth.

We see the value of the current system to your team and to your clients. Of course, the value is not in the software itself, it’s in the tools, concepts and processes. We also understand the issues with the current expression of the software. Usability is poor. Maintenance is cumbersome. Things are harder than they should be and take longer than they should. As a result, users are often frustrated, and the application isn’t used as widely as it could be.

Our growth-oriented process:

First, to address these issues and opportunities, we propose a Strategic Framing engagement which will establish the specific measures of success and define precise strategies for execution.
Subsequently, a well-structured build phase will be conducted. Our growth-oriented approach ensures that expectations are aligned early and often, features are prioritized appropriately, and re-work is avoided.
Then, your outdated but mission-critical system will be re-launched as a stable software platform that will serve you for many years to come. We’ve worked with clients in precisely this situation and know how to design, build and launch a new platform that truly supports leadership goals and employees are proud to use.

Our Services

While our framing engagement is sometimes used independently, most of our clients take advantage of most of our services.

Strategic Framing

$15k, three weeks, you'll walk us through your situation and we'll create a strategic plan to put you on firm ground. You'll understand where you're going as well as the cost and timeline for getting there.
In addition to timeline and cost, our framing engagement will provide you with:
  • A guiding narrative and values for the platform relaunch
  • How to squarely address existing pains and how to prevent them from recurring
  • Critical features and characteristics for creating a trustworthy environment where work gets done with integrity
  • A breakdown of how system roles and how they use and value the system, including organizational leadership and clients
  • Specific technology recommendations to create usable, supportable and maintainable software platform specifically for your organizational environment

Foundational Product Design, Build and Launch

$250k+ for platforms ($50k+ for isolated tools). In the first year you'll be up and running with the essential collaborative tools and workflows for your employees, useful, relevant data for business intelligence, and a reliable source of truth for your organization.
We'll design and build all that is essential and keep everything remotely speculative for the future. The goal in building the foundation isn't to solve everything at once, but to set up a framework and a strong base upon which you will continually build, evolve and prune features over time. 
By launch, we will work with you to establish key metrics and analytics to track success, engagement and platform health over time. Our goal is to ensure we're tracking and capturing all relevant data for reporting and general business intelligence from the beginning.
Have your own engineering team? Our Foundational Product Design ($50k+) provides all the same strategic value of our Design, Build and Launch service without the implementation.

Support, Health and Growth

$7k+ per month, customized for each client
Health and growth means working to adapt and enhance the system as expertise evolves and your environment changes and includes:
  • Proactive platform upkeep and technical maintenance, working to preserve the user experience and keep strong technical footing (e.g. usage analytics, security review, UX review, technical framework/library updates).
  • Keep an eye on essential human usage and engagement metrics to help the business understand platform health
  • Validate, shape and estimate new enhancement and feature requests over time
Our support packages ensure we’re available for:
  • Application Support
  • User Training & Documentation
  • Infrastructure/Hosting support
  • Existing systems integration support
  • CI/Deployment pipeline support

A note on Training, Onboarding, Orientation

Our custom software platforms are specifically designed to make it easy to onboard and train employees - which is especially useful and rewarding in a complex professional services environment. Onboarding a new employee to the platform gives them not only the specific tools they need to deliver value to clients, but provides further clarity about your worldview, industry and organizational vocabulary and especially your expert processes. The software uses the same language that you would use when talking to your clients. 
As such, we typically take an integrated documentation approach. As-needed, we will author separate software documentation, lead or assist in employee training and onboarding sessions. This is best done collaboratively with your in-house experts.