Enliven builds custom software platforms to unlock sustainable growth for professional services firms.

Your Expertise Deserves Better Software

Your clients come to you for your specialized skills and unique worldview. You consistently provide them with unparalleled expertise and high quality services. But the operational cost of delivering those services is too high.

The friction created by legacy tools and manual processes simply does not match the quality of service that sets you apart. As a professional services firm, giving your employees tools that fundamentally don't understand your unique business environment and expert worldview just isn't sustainable.

A process with you in mind

Our growth-oriented process will allow you to:

  1. Recover the value hidden in your current system while shedding the unnecessary complexity and burdensome manual processes impeding your growth.
  2. Put your expert employees on a sturdy operational platform that speaks your organizational language and promotes healthy and efficient service delivery.
  3. Navigate the evolution of your expertise over time and adapt the platform to changing needs and the needs of your clients, without sacrificing the stability or quality of existing features.

B2B Tech, B2C UX

Our unique skillset combines enterprise development and systems integration expertise with a strong creative and user experience focus to build uniquely stable, useful and approachable software platforms.

Our platforms consist of functional tools and collaborative workflows based directly on your organizational expertise and worldview. They serve as a day-to-day super-hero's tool belt, a business intelligence source of truth and an operational guide for key employees throughout the organization.

Talk to us

We can bring external objectivity to how you should move forward, what it will cost and how long it will take. Whether you engage our engineering team to build the custom software or not, you'll have the essential framing to unlock and operationalize your expertise.

PayneCrest Electric - Empower

PayneCrest Electric - Empower

Empower is a custom software platform that sits at the heart of PayneCrest Electric's sophisticated project management process.

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