Project Overview

PayneCrest Electric regularly tackles sophisticated and complex electrical installation projects. When it came time to replace the legacy software that powered their largest projects, they engaged Enliven to build a new software platform which would take their process to the next level and create a solid foundation for long-term growth.

The resulting application, Empower, represents the best of PayneCrest's time-tested expertise in electrical installations and Enliven's ability to create deeply meaningful and useful software.

Technology Stack

PayneCrest: Empower is a responsive web application with a purpose-built user-interface and high quality custom creative. The front end was built as a single page application with Vue.js. The back end sits on the .NET Core platform with a SQL Server database. The application seamlessly integrates with Active Directory for role based security and PayneCrest's Accounting/ERP system for project synchronization.

Empower at a Glance

Teams gather and collaborate around highly configurable projects as their source of truth for ongoing data management, workflow and high level reporting.

Data is imported from Excel through a sophisticated import process which ensures data integrity and alerts project managers immediately of potential scope expansion or rework.

Each import generates a detailed change report - showing precisely which adds, changes and deletes were made to the source of truth.

Accurate, timely and trustworthy data is at the heart of the Empower platform, allowing for work to be done with confidence.