Enliven was founded in 2012 with a mission to create highly functional business software that doesn't compromise on creative design or user experience.

We are people-focused software engineers and product designers who know that the right software can renew existing business systems and energize organizational culture.

Our sole focus is to renew existing business systems by building custom software platforms for professional services operations and service delivery.

At a glance:
  • Full stack web product team
  • Product strategy, design & development
  • On a mission to create long-lived healthy software platforms
  • Haven’t met a system we couldn’t thoughtfully integrate
  • Strong creative design & user experience focus
  • We will improve your BI
  • Web, .NET & JavaScript
  • We build, launch and support

Our best practices

Focus on the people

We build software that powers critical dimensions of our clients operations or service offerings. How do we ensure that we're delivering effective solutions now that are also able to adapt to the future? By doing our best to discover, re-articulate and advocate for the needs and interests of the humans that will use the software.

Solve the right problem at the right level

How do we avoid being seduced into solving the wrong problems by new shiny technologies, passing trends or clever but unnecessary ideas? Or being sabotaged by the nearsighted whims of any given individual with a bit of influence? We work with our clients to test our ideas in the here and now and do our best job to envision scenarios as far into the future as possible. We ground our solutions in how they will generate meaning for people in a given role over time, not just the person filling the role in the moment.

Keep moving and get out of the way

We want the people who commission our software to be delighted. But for the people who actually use it, we'd prefer they not even notice it. Software products should be intuitive and simple - such that they fade into the background - leaving the user able to accomplish what they set out to do with minimal effort and distraction.

Create solutions that fit into the bigger picture

Software that powers business operations and drives service offerings should help us to accomplish the necessary tasks with highest amount of integrity and the least amount of effort possible. Then, as teams, individuals and as citizens of the world, we're better positioned to tend to our next great endeavor in life.

Keys to a Successful Partnership

Direct and honest communication
Focus on critical business goals
Empowering business, not creating management burdens
We choose technologies that make sense for you


Ian Robinson
Ian Robinson

Founder + President

Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark

Software Engineer

Jeff Schomer
Jeff Schomer

Project Manager