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Ian Robinson

Founder + CTO

Ian can’t help but look for the best–the best in people, the best methods, the best coffee, food, or beer. Throughout a successful career in software development, Ian has been sought out as a trainer and speaker for numerous engagements in the US and abroad, and has interacted with a broad spectrum of clients and projects–experiences that helped him to cultivate a vision for Enliven, which he founded with business partner Cuong Dang in 2012.

While Ian’s natural bent toward process improvement and the technological wizardry he has cultivated over the years make him an astute CTO, it is his genuine desire to delight the people he works with and for that sets him apart from a largely sterile sector. For Ian, a successful project is one that uses technology as a means of making people’s lives and jobs more enjoyable.

Through partnering with clients to understand the complexity and nuances of their businesses; a thorough but streamlined development process; and fantastic customer service, Ian is putting his stamp of care and conscientiousness on Enliven. Above all, Ian enjoys the challenge of leading his team to find innovative ways to make technology more accessible, personable, and useful.

Meet the Team

Andrew Clark

Software Engineer

Rachel Franz

Digital Marketing + Project Specialist

Cuong Dang

Founder + CEO

Jeff Schomer

Project Manager

Sarah Searls

Software Engineer

Chris Hilton

Wed Designer + Developer

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