Our company was founded in 2012 by Ian Robinson and Cuong Dang with a mission to create great enterprise software that doesn’t compromise on user experience. Better software that truly reflects the people who use it. What allows us to accomplish this goal? We choose projects where we can have a real impact, we build meaningful, lasting partnerships with our clients, and we offer an energizing and rewarding culture to our employees.

The Enliven Way

Focus on people, not processes

Our client-partner philosophy is simple: we believe that a successful outcome is the result of a trusting relationship, true collaboration, and a mutual goal of delighting the end user. At Enliven, we exclusively work with clients who believe that together, we can do great things. By keeping in communication with each other, you can be sure the end product won’t be a surprise - rather, a thoughtful curation of our very best ideas.

Solve business challenges, not just technology problems

Since Enliven’s inception, innovation and advancement have been cornerstones of the business. This advancement comes from addressing business challenges in a direct, proactive way. Too often companies presume that technology is the answer to major business problems—and while we make our living by providing such solutions, it’s most important to us to really get at the heart of the issue.

Create solutions that improve the way we live, work, and play

We believe in using technology to enable us to do more of what we love. We create products that will add meaningful value to an experience, so that you can further enjoy your life at the office, at home, or anywhere in the world.

Delivering results that delight our clients & their customers

When our partners and their end-clients interact with a solution, we want both to be delighted. Our hope is that in each solution, the application is intuitive and simple enough to fade into the background - leaving the user able to accomplish what they set out to do more easily, efficiently, and enjoyably.

Keys to a Successful Partnership

Direct and honest communication
Focus on critical business goals
Empowering business, not creating management burdens
We choose technologies that make sense for you

Meet the Team

Cuong Dang

Founder + CEO

Ian Robinson

Founder + CTO

Michael Castle


Jeff Schomer

Project Manager

Andrew Clark

Software Engineer

Rachel Franz

Digital Marketing + Project Specialist

Chris Hilton

Wed Designer + Developer

Sarah Searls

Software Engineer

Yoko Kiyoi

Office Manager

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