We set out to create the kind of company we always imagined working for.

In May 2012, Ian and Cuong founded Enliven as a place that reflected their values and outlook on life; as a place that prized meaningful, lasting partnerships with client teams; promoted work-life balance and offered an energizing office culture; and most importantly, delivered effectively engineered solutions that are beautiful to behold and simple to use. We wanted to create a company that we could be proud of, where we could foster insatiability for improvement and thoroughly enjoy our work, our lives outside of work, and the ever-broadening grey area in between. Out of this vision, we created Enliven - a digital technology firm that defines the intersection of form + function.


The following commitments represent ways that we're working to maintain the internal culture we envisioned, and hopefully along the way we're becoming more and more the ideal we've set out to be.

  • A People-Focused Process

    We aim to cultivate long-term client-partners; relationships that are built on direct and honest communication.

    If the end of our work is to make people’s lives more enjoyable, then it goes without saying we’re going to spend a good chunk of time getting to know those people and their work. Investing in an in-depth discovery process upfront saves time and reduces “surprises” in the long run.

  • Solving business problems, not technology problems.

    You won’t catch us asking for specs for an RFQ or asserting the merits of a particular approach in our first client meeting. We’re interested in going deep and understanding the nuances of the problem to be fixed before assuming a tactical solution.

    We believe in leveraging modern technology for the greater good, not for the sake of itself. We provide iterative solutions so that our clients receive exactly what they need—not more, not less than a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use end product.

  • Creating solutions that improve the way we live, work & play.

    Regardless of how profitable or widely adopted our solutions become, our primary aim is for them to be useful. We’re into creating digital products that are enjoyable for end users—things that offer a beautiful user interface, a back-end that runs like clockwork, and maybe even offer some humor to break up the daily grind.

    We’re into reinventing the 9-5. But not only the 9-5. We like the idea of using technology to enable us to do more of what we love, and we’ve got a few digital products up our sleeve to help us do just that.

  • Delivering results that delight our clients & their customers.

    We’re thrilled when our clients praise us for delivering what we’ve promised (shockingly, a new experience for many of them), but what we’re really going for is utter delight and satisfaction.

    When our clients and their end-customers interact with our solutions, we hope that the application itself isn’t even noticed, but that the thing they set out to do is accomplished more easily, efficiently, and enjoyably.

  • Fostering a work-life balance.

    We’re a company full of 20- and 30-somethings who have watched the rat race toil on throughout our lives. Frankly, we want nothing to do with it. We just want to make kick-ass stuff for clients with whom we genuinely enjoy working, and watch the line between work and play slowly blur into one peaceful horizon.

    By doing what we love and surrounding ourselves with great teammates, work doesn’t feel like work. We believe that living curious lives, indulging in the world around us, and taking time for rest provides just the inspiration and energy we need to be good at what we do.


Join our Team

We're always on the hunt for talented, driven creative and technology experts who want to do something meaningful through their work. We like to think that Enliven provides a fun and comfortable place for team members to thrive. Some of the perks include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Benefits, including healthcare
  • Generous vacation days
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Conference attendance
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Walkable downtown location
  • Proximity to great restaurants
  • Premium coffee experience guaranteed every day

Think you may be a good fit? Even if we’re not currently hiring, send us your resume and portfolio (web-based preferred) and we’ll be in touch if a position opens up…or maybe we’ll even create a position for you if you’re just that good.

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