Enliven creates digital products
that make people's lives
more enjoyable.

What we Do

Building digital products and experiences for
anything with a screen.

A web browser with a photo of a mountain on the webpage.


Responsive websites for desktop + mobile experiences.

An iPhone.


On-the-go access to your content via iOS and Android.

A mockup of a web browser.


A people-driven process that begins with consumer behavior research, strategy, and finally, testing.

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Deep Technology
Deep Technology

Custom software and applications for whatever business problem you're facing.

A webpage wireframe with a person as the photo.


Custom interfaces that make CMS management for non-tech people a breeze, especially for DNN and WordPress sites.

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In-house art direction and design to minimize overhead and ensure a seamless process for our clients.

What We Practice

Defining the intersection of form + function
in the digital space.

An iMac computer with a screenshot of Enliven's work.

Focus on Business Problems

At Enliven, we identify and solve core business problems, looking for opportunities to bring success to our clients’ businesses. As cliché as it may sound, your business achievements are truly our delight. Too often companies presume that technology is the answer to major business problems—and while we make our living by providing such solutions, it’s most important to us to really get at the heart of the issue.

Our client-partner model is built on trust, and so you can be sure it’s in our best interest to always sell a right-sized solution. Don’t be surprised if you ask for a bulldozer and we recommend a shovel—but know that the reverse happens, too!

A pair of identical iMac's representing agile development.

Agile + Creative

At the center of our wheelhouse are projects that require maintainable (and sometimes sophisticated if need be) technological solutions + a polished user experience.

We utilize agile development methodology to develop iterative phases of solutions, which allows us to stay engaged with our clients and adapt quickly to changes in scope or strategy rather than keeping our client—and their critical feedback—on hold until the end of the development period.

Equally important to how well the technology works is how easy and enjoyable it is to use. Our creative team utilizes consumer behavior research and innovative design direction to ensure the end product provides a value-added experience to stakeholders.

Various computer and note taking items from the office.

Technology Partners

Our client-partner philosophy is simple: We’re painstakingly discerning about who we choose to work with (much more so than the projects we choose to work on) because we firmly believe that a successful outcome is the result of trusting relationships and true collaboration. We seek to become part of the fabric of a company, mutually committing ourselves to clear and constant communication, so that—together—we can identify and address pain points that affect the entire organization.

Our hope is that first-time clients will become our lifelong friends and colleagues. So far we think this approach has worked out pretty well, as we continue to work on new projects with long-term client-partners.

How It's Done

A map.

Discovery & Strategy

A generic webpage mockup.

UX Research & Planning

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Creative Design

Computer code in a browser window.

Implementation & Development

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

You've heard it all before. Just about every firm like ours touts the same tried-and-true process: First comes discovery, then comes wireframes, etc... You've even been through the rigmarole a time or two. And yes, of course we're believers in our way of doing the things that get us from A to Z. But what really happens after that initial discovery meeting? After promises of project bliss are sealed with a handshake?

At Enliven, we exclusively work with clients who believe that together, we can do great things. By keeping in lock-step with one another—from discovery to delivery—you can be sure the end product won't be a surprise, but rather a thoughtful curation of our very best ideas.

Don't take our word for it. Hear from one of our client-partners. If you're up for it, we'd also love the opportunity to sit down with you and walk through our tried-and-true process in detail.

Meet the Team

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