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Jeff Schomer

Project Manager

Jeff grew up in Tijeras, NM where he formed a life-long connection with the natural world. In 2008, he earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, where he learned to solve open-ended, real-world problems by pairing analytical and creative thinking. After graduating, he worked on the design and implementation of health-related programs and technology platforms that delivered new care options to underserved populations.

Jeff brings a passion for organization and dissecting complex challenges into concise and manageable pieces, as well as a joy for delivering solutions that spark excitement in their users. He is always open to enjoying a conversation, a video game session, a beer or a good song with friends and strangers alike.

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Andrew Clark

Software Engineer

Jeff Schomer

Project Manager

Michael Castle


Yoko Kiyoi

Office Manager

Cuong Dang

Founder + CEO

Ian Robinson

Founder + CTO

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