Project Overview

Marcone is one of the largest retailers of appliance parts in North America, sourcing equipment from a wide variety of appliance service companies. Our primary challenge with MyMarcone, an internal e-commerce system for qualified vendors, was that the application had been developed many years ago and was in need of a user experience overhaul to better serve their customers. Moreover, the inefficiency of the application and the resulting customer dissatisfaction were opportunity costs for Marcone—though the customers may visit the site, there were significant issues in converting them to satisfied customers.

We teamed up with bigwidesky (who provided the creative execution) to enhance the e-commerce workflow, making it more friendly and modern. In an effort to promote positive customer behaviors and reduce ordering errors—which lead to the costly overhead of returned products—we made improvements to the navigation, redesigned the product detail pages, and created a unified search to help customers get to what they needed as quickly as possible. We also streamlined the checkout process to help reduce the barriers to entry for new customers, and built in shortcuts for existing customers, like auto-fill search, to expedite their order experience.

Enliven was uniquely suited to this project due to our core competencies in strategy and UX. Through a thorough discovery process, we were able to discern the bottlenecks in the ordering process and apply a solution that incorporated best practices, ultimately helping to reach Marcone’s business and revenue goals.