Project Overview

Mapstreet is a product being developed by Enliven that enables people to mark their favorite spots on the go and then utilize that data when exploring services like Zillow, Google Maps, and Yelp. Mapstreet is being developed fully in-house as a combination native iOS application and Google Chrome extension. The idea came about when we realized that people, more often than not, search for places based on specific location and not simply by the neighborhood. There are plenty of great neighborhoods around but sometimes one particular street or one particular area within that neighborhood resonates with us more than others.

There is a real disconnect between looking at a map of a neighborhood on our computers and driving around, street to street, to experience the spots we like. You might get home, pull up Zillow, and have no context for which listing was the one on that beautiful street with amazing sidewalks; or the one that was next to the really cool corner shop; or the house that had a good listing but was actually next to that ugly office park.

Mapstreet works by simply allowing you to rate your exact location on a scale from 1 to 5 at any time. Mapstreet then drops a pin on the map that enables you to view, edit, or delete all of your favorite spots.

The application is currently being designed to interface with Zillow, but has plans to connect up with Truilla, Century21,, Yelp, and Google Maps. Your favorite spots in town make you happy and we can help you find the perfect home, rediscover a date night hideaway , or plan a scenic morning run in the places you already know.