Project Overview

Enliven teamed up with the agricultural advertising agency AdFarm to work on one of their corniest projects yet. This year, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and AdFarm published the 2014 World of Corn Comic book Captain Cornelius: Corn Day Celebration, a marketing campaign for children which celebrates corn and educates youngsters on corn’s important role in our everyday communities. As an extension of this campaign, Enliven created a simple, side scrolling style game featuring Captain Cornelius flying through the corn fields of Missouri.

The goal of the project was to expand the audience of Captain Cornelius in a fun and innovative way and to further the NCGA’s broader educational campaign. Enliven also created the educational website to showcase the NCGA’s respected annual collection of the most important statistics about corn production, exports and consumption comparing numbers and trends across the years.

“KernelQuest is a game of skill, maneuverability, and all-around corniness. Join Captain Cornelius, our a-maize-ing superhero in green spandex, as he defies gravity and weaves his way through Corn Country. Just don’t get creamed… Beware the mob of cobs! Set a new high score, challenge friends, and learn corny facts along the way. This game is brought to you by the National Corn Growers Association.”