Project Overview

Nortek Global HVAC has designed and manufactured reliable heating and cooling products for more than 95 years. The company focuses on creating genuine value for its customers through a unique combination of innovation, product performance and responsive support. They are known for developing superior, high-tech products and are considered a leader in the HVAC industry.

The Challenge

With technologically advanced products, comes a need for highly-trained individuals to service them. Before the release of EdgeTek, Nortek Global HVAC provided training on a variety of platforms scattered across websites. They owned and maintained three different websites, targeting two separate audiences and about 10 different business goals, resulting in operational inefficiency and overall disarray.

In addition to confusion on Nortek’s side, the various websites added complications for their intended audience, the contractors and distributors. Each website required a different login, had a different interface, and did not have the‘look’ of a Nortek Global HVAC brand.

With EdgeTek, Nortek Global HVAC wanted to accomplish all training objectives under one reputable brand, make training easy to navigate for contractors, and improve the operational efficiency of the process.

Our Approach

Enliven partnered with Nortek Global HVAC to consolidate training sites and unify them under one brand. With their team, we set new goals, developed a brand-new platform designed to engage and empower contractors, while reducing the operational strain on the company.

To do this, we developed a two-step approach:

Goal #1: Consolidate and Unify

First and foremost, Nortek Global HVAC needs a single training platform for contractors and distributors alike. Unified by the theme of training and continuing education, one platform simplifies the process of getting to the website, then interacting with it. Additionally, it relieves Nortek Global HVAC’s burden of maintaining three different websites that have significant overlap.

Through this initiative, the new website should look and feel consistent, and empower contractors and distributors to confidently utilize all the resources Nortek Global HVAC has to offer.

Goal #2: Grow and Convert

After launching a single training platform, Nortek Global HVAC wanted to push it out to improve the level of service HVAC contractors provide, and improve the whole landscape of the HVAC industry. Additionally, they sought to use this training as a new source of revenue for the company, by offering paid training options and certifications.

After launching a single training platform, Nortek Global HVAC can focus on developing their brand perception, by producing and delivering high-quality content and outstanding support.

We have a strong ability to see your big picture. We try to come away from an initial meeting understanding one’s particular ecosystem, those things go into knowing what to put forth in terms of strategy and technical execution. With EdgeTek, it was important to find the right-sized solution that would have the biggest impact for years to come, and we took great care to find that perfect solution.
- Ian Robinson

The End Product

Concise and Powerful Marketing Narrative

The first step of creating a successful product is pretty obvious: make sure people want to use it. With EdgeTek, Enliven removed all the barriers to utilizing the platform, and delivered a strong content management system on an engaging platform with interactive material.

With the growing demand for knowledgable contractors in the heating and cooling industry, Nortek Global HVAC wanted to provide a variety of training opportunities and mediums.

Customized CMS (with Integrated LMS)

Picture adding an addition to your house. The engineers, builders, and designers have built a whole new wing. When you open the front door, you see your same old, familiar house. But what happens when you walk in to your new addition? Does it feel like a whole new house, with different colors, architecture, and decor? Or, does it flow with the rest of your house, and feel like a natural progression?

That’s the difference custom integration makes. When developing EdgeTek, Enliven created a CMS that integrated with our client’s chosen third-party system, an LMS called Litmos. Even though we decided not to build an LMS from scratch, we ensured that any contractor or distributor who navigated from EdgeTek to Litmos would still feel like they were still interacting with the Nortek website. This integration provides the highest-quality experience for the best possible value.

Built to Last

Creating the go-to resource for HVAC contractors and distributors was a weighty goal, and Nortek Global HVAC’s experience and expertise combined with our big-picture vision ensures that EdgeTek will be around for years to come. There were several factors to consider to ensure that EdgeTek will be around for years to come.

First, we developed EdgeTek to be mobile-supported. The number of users who log on through phones and tablets continues to rise, and the numbers point to this trend continuing. Mobile optimization is a bonus right now, but will be a necessity in the future, and adapting early means this platform won’t fall behind.

Second, Nortek Global HVAC gains new customers by providing high-quality, cutting-edge industry knowledge and training. To help them maximize their reach, we developed a content management system that empowers their team to easily push out articles, blog posts, weekly tips, and schedule events.

The Results

“With EdgeTek, we’re taking our commitment to service one step further, truly unlocking the depth and breadth of knowledge housed within our company and providing accessible and engaging content for HVAC contractors,” says Carol Baker, VP of Marketing at Nortek Global HVAC.

Bob Wells, Director of Marketing-Communications adds, “Enliven helped us balance our business goals with the goals of our contractors to build a digital service that will provide genuine value.”