Today marks the beginning of Global Entrepreneurship Week, a time to focus on exploring one’s potential as an innovator and creating dynamic and powerful relationships with the businesses and people around you. This week is celebrated every November across the world, with a formal network of 157 countries. GEW is put together by the members of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, a dedicated group whose goal is connecting people to bring mutual success. 

“Aimed at creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem, GEN helps people in 150 countries unleash their ideas and turn them into promising new ventures—creating jobs, unearthing innovations for society and strengthening economic stability around the world”

St. Louis is recognized as one of the start-up partner cities of GEW, and has been in the spotlight as of late as the ‘start-up capital of the country’. Look at the incredible growth we’ve had over the last couple years: 

And it’s only going up with investors and young talent pouring into Missouri. A combination of great educational institutions, cultural diversity, competitive business landscape, and affordable living make it a prime location for entrepreneurs of all ages. Locally based businesses like Square and Lockerdome reinforce that idea, and even national corporations are making their home here. St. Louis is set to help its residents succeed, and things like Global Entrepreneurship Week give us a chance to highlight all this city has to offer. 

Check out this St. Louis Ecosystem Map - it’s AMAZING! This map is a visual representation of all the resources and opportunities entrepreneurs have in St. Louis, including training, competitions, funding, and community engagement.

In it, you’ll probably see a lot of familiar names. Our friends at GlobalHack are referenced as a resource for training and competition, and our alma maters like Webster and Washington University get shoutouts as well. But even better than all the familiar names are the things we’ve yet to explore.

Here are a couple must-see events happening this week to inspire your inner entrepreneur:

To learn, see Ryan Gravel: Where We Want to Live - November 15th at 4pm (register here for your free ticket)

To celebrate, attend the Startup-Connection - November 16th at 5pm (get tickets here)

To network, visit Venture Cafe - November 17th (no registration needed, but you can check it out here)

For a full list of activities or to read more about Global Entrepreneurship week, click here.

Rachel is a business strategist from Chicago. She specializes in process development, community outreach, and content strategy.