We are excited to partner with Monsanto’s digital innovation team to execute on their latest agricultural sustainability initiative. This cutting edge solution would allow Monsanto to continue their mission of supporting farmers and increasing the quality of our food in an eco-friendly way.

Enliven bridges the gap between a corporate setting and the start-up world by leveraging the lean start-up and agile methodologies to assist Monsanto’s digital innovation team from ideation, to execution, to validation.

Monsanto Digital Innovation Team selects Enliven as Technology Partner to create innovative solutions to agriculture challenges

About Monsanto:

Monsanto is an agriculture company with more than 20,000 employees with a focus on producing food in a sustainable way. They combine nature with technology to elevate the level of seeds, produce, and data in the agriculture market. For more information, check them out here.

Cuong is the founder of Enliven. He is an expert in user experience and design, product launches, and business development.