There are a lot of things you can accomplish in 48 hours - run a marathon, paint a house, start a business, and…solve global homelessness?

This weekend, the Enliven team will tackle the GlobalHack competition once again, this time addressing homelessness with technology. GlobalHack will celebrate winners with $1 million in prizes - $750,000 for team awards, and $250,000 for project implementation of the winning idea.

If you haven’t heard of GlobalHack before, it’s definitely worth a quick Google search. In 2013 founders Gabe Lozano, Drew Winship and Travis Sheridan launched the St. Louis-based non-profit organization. Their goal was to challenge the technology community to think quickly and proactively about how to address real-world issues, and create solutions that would be put into action. GlobalHack draws an ever-growing crowd of programers, designers, user experience experts, and project managers. This year they’re expecting their largest crowd yet, with dozens of hopeful teams ready to design sophisticated software to alleviate global homelessness.

But here’s the catch - they only have one weekend to do it. Though the general theme has been announced, teams won’t hear details of the competition until Friday evening. From that moment on, the caffeine- and adrenaline-fueled teams will race to create software addressing their take of the problem.

This year, our chances of winning are pretty good. I talked to Ian, an Enliven co-founder and one of the members of our GlobalHack team. He explained, “This is what we do! So much of what we do is behind closed doors. But this year there’s a chance it can really be out in the open.” The rest of the team echoed his excitement to work on a project with lasting and potentially life-changing implications. 

We look forward to another exciting competition beginning this Friday, Oct 21. Have fun and good luck to all participants!

Rachel is a business strategist from Chicago. She specializes in process development, community outreach, and content strategy.