As our team grows, Enliven welcomes Victoria Gray as our UX research and design intern. We’re excited about adding another team member to help clients and partners focusing more on research-based decision making in our development.

Here’s Victoria in her own words:

With a varied background in three dimensional design and ten years of professional experience, Victoria brings a unique perspective and unstoppable curiosity to UX Design. She believes that – like all great things – great design comes from the sharing of ideas. Victoria enjoys collaborating with people who have differing perspectives and ideas.

As Enliven’s UX Design and Research Intern, Victoria is passionate about understanding the end user, crafting delightful interactions supported by research, and striving to create technology which makes life more engaging and a little better. Victoria holds a BFA from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and a certificate from the ADMCI Interaction Design program.

Victoria’s aesthetic is crisp, clear, and clever. She enjoys alliteration, yoga, anything by Joss Whedon, good red wine, new table saw blades, and long triads about how to make frustrating technology better. She is excited about the future of Human Interaction Design and would love to work on Tony Stark's user interface for the Holo-table.

Cuong is the founder of Enliven. He is an expert in user experience and design, product launches, and business development.