Enliven is excited to be a Sapphire partner to the St. Louis Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC). As a Sapphire (and technology) partner, we will help the chamber execute various initiatives from technology to digital and online marketing. These are a joined effort between our team and the AACC President along with the Board of Directors, in hope of increasing membership and brand awareness for the organization.  

Over the last year, the AACC has made a lot of decisions about their future identity, priorities, and goals. This organization has made a big splash in a few short years, and we are excited to help elevate their web presence to match their ambition, influence, and accomplishments.

“We’re only 5 years old, so for us it’s about brand building, and brand building is our website, brand building is the activities that we do that brings value to St. Louis from a diversity and inclusion perceptive but also an economic development perspective through trade,” said Al Li, the president of AACC. [Enliven’s CEO, Cuong] Dang has been so important to the Asian Chamber both from an Enliven perspective but even beyond Enliven he’s helped us from a trade perspective.”

He continues, we have a great relationship with Enliven. Enliven has been very strategic in helping us with our communication strategy and promoting the chamber.”


About the AACC:

While the AACC celebrates the uniqueness of each culture, it believes that Asian Americans, like all Americans, share common values and aspirations, and the AACC seeks to bring those together for the good of the community. The AACC’s primary objectives are to serve as a connector for St. Louis businesses to the Asian community, provide professional development opportunities for Asian professionals and Asian-owned businesses, connect St. Louis businesses to Asia, and attract Asian foreign direct investment to the St. Louis metro area.

Cuong is a self-described cultural nerd with an appetite for the unfamiliar. Among his favorite experiences is arriving at a remote airport and finding himself surrounded by things he’s never before seen, people he can’t communicate with, and new cuisine to indulge in. This innate curiosity and energy for discovering new frontiers, paired with his entrepreneurial spirit, led Cuong to begin Enliven with co-founder Ian Robinson.   Cuong’s career has afforded him opportunities to work with Fortune 500 brands, play critical roles in product launches (including redesigning the user experience of the DNN Software 6.0 framework, the world’s leading open source .NET content management system), and publish an ebook with WROX on web standards. An accomplished speaker, Cuong has presented at conferences throughout the US and abroad.   As Enliven’s CEO, Cuong directs business strategy and serves as team lead on user experience and design work. No matter the task at hand, Cuong is constantly seeking ways to carry out his passion for designing technology that improves the way we live, work, and play.

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