In May, we launched a newly redesigned website for the St. Louis Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) to help them reflect their current objectives and vision of connecting Asian American businesses and organizations in the St. Louis region as well as positioning this region to be internationally competitive.”


We collaborated with Al Li, the President of the AACC, on every fronts from translating the vision of the organization to the tactical implementation of Chambermaster as an effort to increase membership

“Enliven did an awesome job on our website! Enliven has done a great job in not just improving the functional capabilities of our website, but providing a design that really promotes our brand well, which is exactly what we need as a young, not-for-profit organization that has large ambitions for the St. Louis community.” says Al Li.

He adds, To have a professional website that integrates with our ERP system through Chamber Master was really important, not only to help us build out the functionality as we recruit new members to register as members of the chamber, but also to make the application visually appealing as well as easy to use.”


Now that the website is up and running, Enliven will continue to provide support and website maintenance, along with digital strategy insights.

To read more about our partnership with the AACC, click here.

Christopher Hilton is an INTJ currently living in Nashville, TN. He enjoys understanding the big picture, thinking outside of the box, and solving problems with lots of creativity. He is ardently committed to minimalism, using technology to serve real human beings, and refusing to accept the status quo. As Enliven's Web Designer / Developer, Christopher is focused on using design, photography, video, and an ever expanding arsenal of web technologies to make simple and beautiful products. He holds a degree in Audio Engineering from Belmont University in Nashville and a Masters of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. Sir Christopher of Hiltonshire is passionate about Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, living in his 1973 Airstream, Texas, Canada, Taylor Swift, playing the bagpipes, Lórien, Macs, bourbon, Gryffindor House, the rain, camping, building fires, the Oxford Comma, and making things pretty.

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