This month, Cuong Dang was one of 28 new leaders welcomed into the Young Professionals Network Leadership (YPN) 100. The YPN, launched by the St. Louis Regional Business Council (RBC) in 2008, gives members the opportunity to attend social, philanthropic, cultural and professional development events throughout the year.

The Regional Business Council focuses on advocating for regional governance initiatives; improving educational opportunities; supporting business diversity issues; strengthening regional arts and cultural institutions; and increasing the involvement and investment of RBC members for the betterment of the St. Louis region.”

Cuong is a prime example of commitment to professional achievement and progress, philanthropic involvement, and purposeful connectivity and relationship building. Though he has many notable accomplishments within his company and the tech industry, a personal project of his is to get St. Louis on the map as a strategic partner for companies across the globe.

Cuong volunteers as an ambassador to immigrant entrepreneurs for St. Louis Mosaic Project, which promotes regional prosperity through immigration and innovation. He serves as the Vice President of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC), which supports Asian American connectivity, Asian American-owned businesses, and businesses working in Asia. Through AACC, Cuong is leading his second trade mission to Vietnam with the participation of Mizzou, Washington University, Enterprise Holdings, and other St. Louis-based small business owners. These trade missions create opportunities for local companies to form connections in Asia and promote mutual economic development. 

Cuong’s quote in the Illinois Business Journal recounts his interest in the network:

'"Having been in St. Louis for 13 years, I've grown to love the city and hope to foster economic development between St. Louis and countries in Asia.” Dang is eager to be part of the Leadership 100 to create more opportunities towards a more healthy and prosperous city.'

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Rachel is a business strategist from Chicago. She specializes in process development, community outreach, and content strategy.