Lots of people can start up their own business, but true entrepreneurs are a rare breed. Enliven’s co-founder Cuong Dang, is one of those special individuals, and sat down with the crew at Entrepreneurially Thinking’ Podcast to share his journey. 

Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast interviews Enliven Co-Founder

In their podcast, Entrepreneurially Thinking’, Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore and Christy Maxfield sit down with the best and brightest trailblazers and thought leaders from throughout the St. Louis region…to share insights that can unlock your personal potential for creativity, innovation, and experimentation.” They met with Cuong and Vin Ko, the program manager for St. Louis Mosaic Project, to get their take on the world of entrepreneurship in St. Louis.

Through their conversation, Cuong shares his journey of moving from Vietnam to America, what makes a good business partner, and how his unique experiences led to the start of Enliven and other ventures. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, immigrant, business owner, or just a member of the St. Louis community, you’ll love hearing this dynamic message from Cuong and Vin.

Tune in here for his stories, insights, and lots of laughs!

Rachel is a business strategist from Chicago. She specializes in process development, community outreach, and content strategy.