Globalhack 2014

This past weekend, most of the Enliven crew got to participate in Globalhack 1 put on by the folks at Lockerdome, Cultivation Capital, TopOpps, and T-Rex here in St. Louis.

The goal was simple enough, build a Salesforce based product that enables salespeople and VPs alike to more easily and efficiently forecast and interact with sales revenue data. The challenge came in when the teams had to decide for themselves exactly how they were going to process that data in order to come up with an intelligent and scalable forecast. For the most part, the weekend was a really cool chance for our team to work together doing what we normally do–ux, creative, design, development, qa–but in a really condensed amount of time with a lot of pressure and money at stake. Of course, it wasn't about the money. For us, it was actually about team building. It was about learning how to work with and learn from others in the St. Louis community. It was about living up to the things we claim to be in front of our peers. It was about being team Enliven.