Enliven creates software products for innovative corporations. Software products that we create are tools that help people in agriculture, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and IT security provide better service to their clients, customers and patients. Doing that well (which we do!) is non-trivial and I personally take great pride in our accomplishments.

My favorite example of this so far is an app that we recently launched with our close friends in the Heart Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital. It is a simple little app compared to what we usually do, but it has far deeper meaning and relevance. For background, you can check out my original write up about the app from earlier this year while it was still in development.

In short, the app allows patients in the heart center to get to know their care team (physicians, nurses, therapists, etc) - it is a small step to help families better advocate for their very sick children in a very complex environment.

St. Louis Children's Hospital's Care Team App Dedicated to Jude Elliot Robinson

I want to specially acknowledge my wife, Lucy, who conceived of this idea (and many others) while we were in the Heart Center for 10 months with our son Jude. Not only was she helping to create the best possible care for our son, she was also proactively looking for ways to improve the situation for other families as well. Words can't describe how powerfully I feel admiration for her. I'm glad we got the chance to follow through and make this a reality.

Please check out the full announcement from the Heart Center and accompanying video on Facebook.

Posted by The Heart Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Love you Jude!

Ian is the founder and CEO of Enliven. He specializes in digital product development, innovative thinking, and making technology more accessible, personable, and useful.