Advanced Technology Group L.L.C. (ATG) develops and supports software solutions that help state and federal correctional agencies operate more efficiently, as well as help offenders become more self-reliant and better prepared to re-integrate into society. ATG had introduced MP3s many years ago to the correctional market and were met with great success - not only in sales, but in helping inmates reconnect with the world. Following that success, ATG developed proprietary secure tablets to bring other types of content to the same market.

As ATG began their journey to incorporate mobile games into their portfolio, they faced a challenge when looking for a development partner. They had figured out a solution for their tablet offering, but needed great content (in this case, mobile games) before they could be sold. Their content development project was a little too small for the game development giants, but was too big and had too many legal complexities for the small, indie developers.

When ATG came to us for a recommendation, we saw an opportunity to collaborate and become a strategic partner by providing them with a complete portfolio of games. Our partnership would help them reduce the overhead and risks of working with multiple game development vendors, while providing the content they would need to being marketing their tablet.

We worked together to create the first 13 mobile games that can be played on ATG’s proprietary tablets. We are excited about our partnership and look forward to providing more fun and educational games in the near future. Check out a few of our favorites:


About Advanced Technology Group L.L.C.:

ATG is an affiliate of Keefe Group, the industry leader of packaging, technology, and product services for the correctional market. ATG provides software solutions to over 230 institutions from Puerto Rico to Honolulu, addressing the unique requirements of at least a dozen different government agencies and covering inmates in all custody classifications. To learn more about ATG and their mission, click here.

Ian can’t help but look for the best–the best in people, the best methods, the best coffee, food, or beer. Throughout a successful career in software development, Ian has been sought out as a trainer and speaker for numerous engagements in the US and abroad, and has interacted with a broad spectrum of clients and projects–experiences that helped him to cultivate a vision for Enliven, which he founded with business partner Cuong Dang in 2012.   While Ian’s natural bent toward process improvement and the technological wizardry he has cultivated over the years make him an astute CTO, it is his genuine desire to delight the people he works with and for that sets him apart from a largely sterile sector. For Ian, a successful project is one that uses technology as a means of making people’s lives and jobs more enjoyable.   Through partnering with clients to understand the complexity and nuances of their businesses; a thorough but streamlined development process; and fantastic customer service, Ian is putting his stamp of care and conscientiousness on Enliven. Above all, Ian enjoys the challenge of leading his team to find innovative ways to make technology more accessible, personable, and useful.

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