The Enliven team had an amazing time at GlobalHack VI! It was a whirlwind of a weekend, and we’re just finally catching up on sleep. This year, the challenge was centered around solving homelessness through technology (and you can read more here).

For this event, we created a Homelessness Management Information System (or HMIS) called Continuums of Care that allows organizations to manage and share living portraits of homeless and at-risk men, women and children. These clients have profiles that evolve in real-time to reflect their journeys to permanent housing. The HMIS logs each interaction and service provided along the way, using an industry recognized assessment (called the VI-SPDAT) at initial intake to an emergency housing referral to a permanent housing placement. Though we didn’t go home with $1 million, we’re proud of the solution we created and feel it could have a powerful impact for the homeless community.

The competition was tougher than ever with over a thousand participants - GlobalHack’s biggest event ever! We’ve always been impressed with the proactive approach of this organization’s founders and executive director. They believe in getting stuff done, not just talking about it; you can see that in the way each GlobalHack has brought together an increasing number of people to build increasingly useful stuff. These hackathon events make the community stronger through collaboration, in addition to the implementation of solutions that come out of the competition.

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Earlier in the year we were approached by GlobalHack about doing some work on their website. They have become really successful over the last two years, so much so that their website didn’t justly reflect the quality, ambition, and success of their events. As a UX-focused software development company, Enliven is in a great position to partner with GlobalHack and help them bring that personality to life.

Our partnership resulted in their web presence accurately reflecting the quality of the GlobalHack brand, and also better representing the qualities of the St. Louis technology community. When people from other cities hear about GlobalHack, the spirit of the St. Louis tech scene shines through - that is, a community of people who are ambitious, thirsty for innovation, full of excitement, and of the absolute Mid-West mentality of helping each other grow and be successful.

To learn more about GlobalHack and the work they do, check our their new website here!

Sarah grew up in Orlando, Florida and moved to St. Louis to attend Washington University and pursue her passion for making art. While in college, she discovered a new love for computer science. Programming provided the mental challenge and freedom for creativity she sought. After graduating with a degree in computer science, she wrote graphics software for FlightSafety International, a flight simulator company. There, she worked on tools to help modelers create scenes in which to fly the simulators. A few years later, she joined Enliven to work on all things web.

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