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Project Overview

Enliven partnered with the Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) to redesign and restructure their web presence by consolidating several web properties into one dynamic and intuitive website.

Their web presence is heavily resource oriented, so up-to-date content is of the utmost importance for MIMH. The ability for multiple staff members of MIMH to easily enter structured content is crucial. Enliven’s solution not only caters to mental health professionals and researchers, making the content and services easily accessible, but is also tailored to the MIMH team itself for authoring that content.

We created a clean, distinct, and modern design that communicates professionalism while still maintaining a visual relationship to the parent organization (University of Missouri-St. Louis). This design only enhances the 50 years of positive brand equity that MIMH has already established for itself.

We also created a custom tailored CMS that is shaped by the the goals and the capabilities of the institution. This CMS is designed to last and to be easily maintainable by any member of staff. The design and the CMS have come together in a site that allows for deeper engagement from both the end user as well as the client.


Strategic Collaboration

Truly understanding the client’s business goals is a crucial piece in developing a tailor made solution that is a joy to use for both end users and content managers.

At Enliven, we believe that collaborating with clients through constant communication is crucial to this outcome. We were able to work directly with stakeholders at MIMH including a committee of staff, professors, leadership, and the IT department. Communicating directly with these teams to gather feedback throughout the process was crucial in honing the vision and direction of the final product.

The successful launch of this site was a direct result of strategic, collaborative, and thoughtful communication between Enliven and MIMH. MIMH began the process by carefully curating years of content into organized collections and categories. They developed the vision of the site based on decades of experience the institution has in interacting with their audience. Building on top of this foundational vision, Enliven developed the ideal solution for MIMH through thoughtful engagement and by leveraging years of experience with technology and design.


Successful Outcomes

The new has not only exceeded the client’s expectations but has been set up to be a long term success. The project involved plenty of wireframes, polished designs, development sessions, discussions of strategy, and in the end, produced a beautiful and successful product.

The faculty and staff at MIMH do truly amazing work, and we are honored to be a part of helping foster and showcase their many decades of research through their new online web presence.

About MIMH

The Missouri Institute of Mental Health exists to improve and transform mental health outcomes through innovative research and program development, program evaluation, community outreach, and professional training.

Located in St. Louis, MIMH has been a leader in training and equipping mental health professionals for over 50 years. The institute has been at the forefront of their field from the beginning. In the 1960’s the institute was a key player in ending racial segregation in city psychiatric facilities as well as helping to establish one of the first treatment programs for alcoholism.

Over the past decade, MIMH has published research and developed resources that support the mental health and wellbeing of persons with behavioral health problems. They are incredibly active in the mental health community through research and evaluation, policy development, technological innovation, and training.

Today, MIMH is one of our country’s finest health services research organizations dedicated to serving the state and the nation by improving the delivery of behavioral health services.

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  • EnlivenHQ - Quote Headshots - Bart

    We have a big level of trust with Enliven and that trust has never been violated. When things are promised, they're delivered, everything is out on the table, and nothing is ever hidden. We are able to move quickly because of the trust that we've built between our companies.

    Bart Cross, CIO - CHAN Healthcare
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    Having strategy sessions with Enliven prepared us for a successful rebranding and a new user experience driven site. They helped us develop a strategy that was driven by our business goals and we're confident that we are now focused on the right challenges.

    Lucas Jans, Director of Innovation - Agency Revolution
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    Most people's expectations for web applications have become very sophisticated over the past few years. Enliven delivers products that care both about business functionality as well as having that design sizzle.

    Joe Davenport, Director of Technology - CHAN Healthcare
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    I needed somebody I could trust, who could get the job done fast, and who could deliver a well-organized product. Enliven did their magic and came back with a great product that the client still talks about today.

    Steve Grana, Account Supervisor - AdFarm
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