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  • UX Research & Planning
  • Creative & Emotional Design
  • CMS Implementation
  • Custom Development
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Project Overview

Novus International—a global leader in nutritional products for livestock, pets, and people—engaged Enliven as their digital technology partner to develop, redesign, and launch the corporate web property for the US as well as mirrored sites for distinct markets around the world.

The primary objectives of the launch were to increase brand awareness and conversion rates through highly engaging content, user experience, and creative design that strategically promotes customer engagement; to build a corporate web presence that stands out among competitors; to provide a framework for content interaction that is more discoverable for users; to utilize the latest version of DNN platform for an enhanced management experience, better performance and stronger security; and to enable quick purchasing from any product page. Key considerations during the development included accommodating distinct user groups; improving SEO; migrating five microsites to the new site through redirection management; and streamlining JavaScript and CSS files into as few requests as possible to expedite client and server performance.

Facing the challenge of regulatory differences across global markets, Novus was in need of a technological solution that allowed satellite staff to segment products promoted in the 70 countries in Novus’ portfolio and to translate the copy into multiple languages. Enliven engineered a robust content management system to power the public sites that allows non-technical staff to effectively manage dynamic content while ensuring brand compliance across all correlative web properties.

Enliven is driven by the goal of making people’s lives and jobs more enjoyable, and as such, a large part of the success of this project was delivering both a back-end user interface that is easy to navigate for internal staff and creating an elegant platform for Novus’ external customers that simplifies the way they interact with Novus products and make purchasing decisions.

Thus far, we have launched mirrored sites in Russia and Western Europe, and we are preparing the next round of launches in Asia and South America. We’re encouraged by how quickly the new sites have been put to use. Though we scheduled a whole day for initial training on the new CMS, staff members caught on in a matter of hours and were quickly off and running with their work.

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  • EnlivenHQ - Quote Headshots - Bart

    We have a big level of trust with Enliven and that trust has never been violated. When things are promised, they're delivered, everything is out on the table, and nothing is ever hidden. We are able to move quickly because of the trust that we've built between our companies.

    Bart Cross, CIO - CHAN Healthcare
  • EnlivenHQ - Quote Headshots - Lucas

    Having strategy sessions with Enliven prepared us for a successful rebranding and a new user experience driven site. They helped us develop a strategy that was driven by our business goals and we're confident that we are now focused on the right challenges.

    Lucas Jans, Director of Innovation - Agency Revolution
  • EnlivenHQ - Quote Headshots - Joe

    Most people's expectations for web applications have become very sophisticated over the past few years. Enliven delivers products that care both about business functionality as well as having that design sizzle.

    Joe Davenport, Director of Technology - CHAN Healthcare
  • EnlivenHQ - Quote Headshots - Steve

    I needed somebody I could trust, who could get the job done fast, and who could deliver a well-organized product. Enliven did their magic and came back with a great product that the client still talks about today.

    Steve Grana, Account Supervisor - AdFarm
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