Khanh Vu

Khanh Vu

Digital/Social Media Marketing Intern

I’m passionately curious” – a few short words about herself that Khanh Vu borrowed from Albert Einstein.

Khanh landed in the U.S almost 3 years ago (in 2012) to pursue a master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Webster University and to fulfill her 5-year goals of learning new things, making new friends, and living in a new culture.

Khanh grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and was at Dentsu, an advertising agency, as an Account Executive prior to joining Enliven.

Khanh is currently responsible for digital and social media marketing at Enliven. In addition, she’s sharing her time at St. Louis Mosaic Project as the Immigration Development Assistant to help promote the vision of the project.

At work, Khanh is a believer in creativity and details. Outside of work, she is an outdoors enthusiast who loves hiking, kayaking, and road trips.

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